Whole Person Impairment Rating With Expedia

Permanent Impairment Assessments (PIAs) are a legal requirement in the determination of the degree of whole person impairment (WPI) which is then shown as a percentage, a rating which is given accompanied by a thorough reviewing and reporting process to ensure fairness and accuracy. The reports are checked for accuracy in methodology as well as calculation to ensure that compensation is given fairly. Each compliance-check is crucial, as the calculations required are highly complex in most cases and errors are often made, leading to non-complaint reports and WPI ratings.

degree of whole person permanent impairment

Expia is an online system that translates the examination findings of Permanent Impairment Assessment into a Whole Person Impairment (WPI) rating. It uses a permanent impairment calculator, tables and algorithms that adhere strictly to state modifying guidelines and the American Medical Association. This robust and user friendly program is designed to make writing and compliance-checking reports accurate and fast. When reporting, consideration is given to any pre-existing impairment so as to ensure a comprehensive result. Expia is designed for auditors, assessors, case managers, compliance-reviewers and lawyers.

Only an accredited assessor is mandated with the responsibility of conducting a PIA and is also responsible for examining the patient and determining the degree of whole person permanent impairment. This WPI rating is determined using complex calculations that are developed by the American Medical Association and published in the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (AMA 5).

The Whole person impairment rating which is shown as a percentage reflects the permanent impairment of a patient. To attain this rating percentage, multiple calculations may be required depending on the complexity of the injury and its severity. It is very essential that the final rating is accurate and fair as it will be used alongside the supporting PIA report to negotiate for an appropriate compensation depending on the particular injury. However, pre-existing impairment is bound to complicate this rating’s accurate and compliant calculation.

Permanent Impairment Assessments are generally complex and require technical calculations which is the main reason why as many as 50% of the reports that are completed are deemed to be non-compliant in independent audits. An accredited compliance reviewer declares a report compliant when it correctly satisfies the outlined guidelines for patient examination and calculation of whole person impairment. If the methodology or calculations are not in compliance with the guidelines, the report is deemed non-compliant and has to go back to the assessor for correction.

Reports that are non-compliant lead to delays in processing, remuneration and compensation as they not only have to be amended by the assessor but also have to be reviewed twice for compliance. The proportion of non-compliant reports is on the increase which has led to increase in the time and cost of completing a permanent impairment assessment. Expia offers a speedy and accurate solution to ensure that permanent impairment reports are not only completed in time but are also compliant. This program provides users with the correct formulas and algorithms as per the guidelines to help them determine the whole person impairment rating.


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